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ljnaughtybits's Journal

Adopt An LJ-User's Naughty Bits!
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Are you in super-adoration of a certian persons sexparts? Maybe they'll share them with you! We give you an excuse to ask... and if they say yes, a chance to tell the world!... or at least countless other lj users who care. Yeah...

* Don't join unless you're 18+. Period. Your birthday must be in your userinfo.
* A claim can only be made on someone who is on your friends and friends of lists.
* You have to ask permission from a person before you claim their bits - they may take it "personally."
* Only bits that are 18+ years old can be claimed. (Or we'll all get in trouble heh)
* Unless you have big bits, you probably don't have enough to share with more than one other person. So sharing claims is discouraged.
* If you want to make a claim, you have to do a little work. permission from the person you're adopting. Duh. Then tell us who's bits you want to adopt!
* Feel free to show off your adopted bits (if you get permission) or your own bits if you're... up for adoption?

Anyone who screws with these rules gets bumped. Period.
The first 25 members can claim TWO users. Don't you want double the naughty bits? Its double the fun! So be first in line and get yourself some bits!

There are lots of good image servers out there. If you can't find one, ask. If you have any suggestions, yell them and I'll start a list :)

Charity Work
We need icons! And if anyone has anything else they'd like to donate, especially mad Lj-skillz *pokes her skilled friends* tell me!